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Virtual Urth, Inc. was founded in 1995 and has devoted itself to entertainment programming and content, was founded in 1995 and is based in New York City.

Our editors publish classic, timely and original content across the entertainment spectrum, including DVDs, games, movies, hardware, software, careers, music and poetry. Updated continually, Virtual Urth is an ever-expanding interactive community where visitors are encouraged to add to the site’s growth and personality through reviews, critiques and poetry submissions.

The Poetry Channel was one of the first of its kind on the Web and helped make Virtual Urth one of the most highly trafficked poetry sites on the Web.

Virtual Urth is divided into content channels offering dynamic coverage across the entertainment spectrum. The Channels were created to align with the interests of Virtual Urth’s more than 19,000 unique daily visitors, as well as to entice new visitors who crave imaginative and high quality entertainment news and reviews. The Channels include: the DVD Channel, the Games Channel, the Hardware Channel, the Music Channel, the Movie Channel, the Electronica Channel, the Career Channel and the Poetry Channel–Virtual Urth’s inaugural Channel and one of the most highly trafficked poetry sites on the Web.

Virtual Urth (b. February 11, 1995) was created after founder Cezanne Huq spent hours looking for a relatively simple site to read or submit poetry. At the time, the Web was still very young and there were no sites that matched his interests or needs. Surprised and frustrated, Cezanne tackled the challenge himself by creating Virtual Urth with his still active http://www.users.interport.net/~cezanneh/ site.

Almost immediately after building the Virtual Urth prototype, an ever-increasing number of visitors began to visit the site and its Poetry Room to exchange poems, thoughts and ideas. One of the first of its kind on the Web, the Poetry Room (now the Poetry Channel) was an ideal forum where potential Walt Whitmans could be read (and reviewed) by a worldwide audience. Amateurs and acclaimed poets alike have posted works on the site and continue to support Virtual Urth. Renowned poets who have contributed their work to Virtual Urth include Marcielle Brandler, a Los Angeles-based college English and poetry workshop educator who has had her work translated into Spanish, French, and Czech, and Aainaa-Ridtz A.R, of Malaysia who enjoys transforming poetry into lyrical art.

As the popularity of the Poetry Room expanded, Cezanne decided to create a site that could serve all aspects of entertainment and the arts, including games, movies and most recently, DVDs. Even now, with the help of some very talented editors and creative minds, Virtual Urth continues to evolve. Updated throughout the week, VU is always timely, fresh and exciting serving more visitors than Cezanne ever imagined the day he set out to find a great poetry site.

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Cezanne Huq
Publisher / Editor In Chief


Grant Sanborn
Managing Editor

Jill Cozzi Movie Channel, Chief Writer
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