Worms 2 PC Game Review

by David Rogers

System Requirements:
Windows 95
Pentium 75 or Higher (133 Pentium or Higher recommended)
Hard drive (50 MB Free)
Double-speed CD-ROM

Microprose released Worms 2, a sequel to the surreally popular Worms, where wiggling, warrior worms wield wacky weapons (try saying that five times fast) such as deadly mad cows, sheep, and flying bananas in their struggle for domination. In this highly addictive game, even fans of the original Worms will find fun for all ages. This is an easy-to-learn turn based game with randomly generated terrain, ensuring each game is a totally different experience.

Virtual Urth ratings Scale (1-5):
Virtual Urth Excellence AwardBuck Value: 5
Gameplay: 5
Originality: 5
Music: 5
Availability: Now

Final Verdict: 100% “Destroy the Worms”
I highly recommend this sequel to the original WORMS. It provides fast paced, graphical fun, and even though death is the ultimate outcome, the game is a continuous comedy.

The game puts players in command of a platoon of warrior worms inhabiting bizarre scenery. The object of the game is to exterminate and generally make life lethal for one’s rivals using many outrageous weapons. The game can be played over the Internet, on a LAN or via modem. While up to 18 people can play, only one wacky worm team will survive.

Worms 2 gives players a choice of 48 weapons along with a weapons editor, allowing players to construct their own diabolical tools of destruction by combining elements from the included weapons. The SVGA animations are far superior to those included with the original Worms.


Game players can even customize hundreds of levels with “graffiti mode.” The explosive sound effects and music tracks, which include a programmable jukebox, all combine to produce a comical and wild effect. Unlike many turn-based games, Worms 2 allows players to set a time limit for each turn, eliminating the wait found in many other games of its kind.

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